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Influenced by the culture of their home in Sydney and their Latin American heritage, SONIDO’s sound is a unique form of musical expression born of an immigrant experience.  It is traditional music of a place on no map, a folklore in search of a country.

SONIDO is (L to R):








SONIDO circular black logo 100x100.jpg


Sonido de los Andes was formed in Sydney in 1977 when a group of young friends began playing music together after emigrating from Latin America. Inspired by the music of their homeland, they found their musical path through traditional Latin American instruments such as the charango, quena, zampona, bombo and guitar. Led by young Chilean singer/songwriter Oscar Marin, the group established a deep connection with Andean folklore and quickly became an integral part of the Sydney music community. Over the years, the band expanded its musical boundaries by incorporating other Latin American folkloric instruments and styles, including the Uruguayan Candombe, Venezuelan Joropo, Mexican Ranchera, Cuban Son and Colombian Cumbia. As a product of calling Australia home, the groups musical influences have extended to include non-Latin styles and contemporary instruments. The natural progression of performing and composing together unearthed a new alternative sound, one which led to the renaming of the band as SONIDO.


SONIDO has performed at major festivals, concerts and events in Australia and abroad, and has performed alongside internationally acclaimed acts such as Luis Rico (Bolivia) Victor Valdes (Mexico), Illapu (Chile), Fire Collective (UK) and Mercedes Sosa (Argentina).  Featuring more than 40 wind, string and percussion instruments, SONIDO's compositions and performances having been wowing audiences for nearly 45 years.  From the haunting sounds of the Andes to the rich rhythms and melodies of Cuba, Mexico and Venezuela, to pop, rock and jazz sounds, SONIDO’s music is a journey around Latin America and beyond.

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Born in Rancagua Chile, Cesar Marin came to Australia in 1977, beginning his professional music career at age 15.  For 30 years he has performed around the world as a multi-instrumentalist with acclaimed acts such as Veneno, C Major, Los Pibes, Rhythms of the City (UK) and Osvaldo Chacon (Cuba). Cesar is a member of the prestigious Musica Viva and Song Room programs and a highly respected member of the professional music community.

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Marco Lopez was born in Wollongong Australia. 

He has had a very strong connection to the traditional music of the Andes from a young age. At age 13 he made his first quena (Andean flute) out of pvc tube and continues to make and playing all the Andean wind and string instruments. After playing in several groups in Australia and the Netherlands, he joined his childhood idols SONIDO.

Photo: Sebastian Giunta (SG Photographics)

Stephen Aguilera-Mendoza was born in Sydney Australia to Chilean parents.  He first started playing guitar and singing at around age 12 and started writing songs shortly thereafter. He joined SONIDO in 1993 and over the last 30 years has also played in several other bands of various styles, including being a founding member of acclaimed Sydney band Veneno.


Photo: Sebastian Giunta (SG Photographics)

Marco Carvajal was born in Melbourne of Chilean parents and grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney.  He was surrounded by Latin American music from an early age and at age 10 his love and passion for Andean music was sparked when he attended his first Illapu concert. Since then he has explored different styles of Latin American music in different bands as a lead vocalist and percussionist.


Lautaro was born in Cuernava, Mexico to Chilean parents. Arriving in Australia in 1987, Lautaro is a classically trained pianist from the age of 9. Immersed in music amongst his musical friends and family, Lautaro has composed for and performed in many musical Latin American folkloric ensembles.


Photo: Sebastian Giunta (SG Photographics)

Ricardo Cancino was born in Australia and grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney. He grew up surrounded by the Latin American music played at home by his Chilean parents and picked up the guitar at the age of 12. He is versatile in a range of different styles playing electric, acoustic and bass guitars.

Claudio Hevia Penna was born in Santiago Chile during the politically charged ‘70s and was influenced by La Nueva Cancion Chilena and La Nueva Trova Cubana. Claudio migrated to Australia in 1995 and pursued his  passion for traditional instruments and rhythms,  performing in a variety of styles including traditional South American folk, Mexican and tropical music. He has performed as part of many different projects including Musica Viva in Schools.

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Steve Marin was born in Sydney, Australia into a musical family. Inspired by his father and older brother, he began playing traditional wind and percussion instruments in local musical ensembles at age 5. In his teens, after being exposed to many styles of music, the drums and percussion became his new passion. Over 30 years Steve has performed around the world with acts as varied as Veneno, Damien Leith, iOTA, Diana Rouvas, The Barefoot Divas, as well as many stage productions. 


Photo: Sebastian Giunta (SG Photographics)

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