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Huayno Del Why Not? offical video now available on YouTube

Visit our YouTube channel to watch the official video of our third single, Huayno Del Why Not?, released on 27 August 2022.

Huayno Del Why Not? is the third single from SONIDO's new album, global - watch the official video on our YouTube channel.

Huayno Del Why Not? was born out of the observation that the word “huayno” in the South American indigenous language Quechua, sounds a lot like a Spanish speaker saying "why not?" (even the inflections are similar). Huayno is the name of probably the most well recognised musical forms of Andean folk music.

The lyrics are anchored in this question, why not? In particular, they focus on the dispossession of first peoples around the world and how many countries (including Australia) have failed to move beyond mere recognition of indigenous peoples towards models of sovereignty and reparations - and asks, why not?

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