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Launch of video for Hasta Que La Dignidad Se Haga Costumbre

Subscribe to our YouTube page to watch the premiere of the video for our first release in over 25 years, Hasta Que La Dignidad Se Haga Costumbre, on 4 September at 7pm Sydney time.

SONIDO is proud to announce the launch of "Hasta Que La Dignidad Se Haga Costumbre", their first new single in over 25 years, premiering on Saturday 4 September at 7pm Sydney time on YouTube.

The song reflects on the social movement in Chile that took root through 2018, with rolling protests throughout the country calling for large scale changes to the political and economic models in the country, culminating in a massive protest in Santiago in October 2018 attended by over 1 million people. This "estallido social" calls for a more equitable distribution of income and wealth, fairer political representation for the marginalised (in particular First Nations peoples), a re-writing of the Pinochet era constitution and generally demands action to ensure that all are afforded the opportunity to live a life in dignity - "hasta que la dignidad se haha costumbre". The people of Chile have maintained their rage through 2019-2021, in the face of the enormous impact of COVID, and the process of redrafting the constitution is now underway by a constitutional convention of elected delegates, headed by Mapuche leader Elisa Loncón.

Written in 2020 and recorded and mixed over several months in 2020/21, "Hasta Que La Dignidad Se Haga Costumbre" gives voice to the feelings of solidarity with the people of Chile felt by the members of SONIDO, all of whom have strong connections to that country. The lyrics are written in the form of an acrostic, where the first letter of each verse spells out the core message and title of the song. The video was produced in 2021 using footage and images from the "estallido social", as well as footage of the band performing the song from their homes during the 2021 Sydney COVID lockdown.

To watch the premiere of the video, subscribe to our YouTube page and tune in just before 7pm Sydney time on Saturday 4 September to chat live with the members of SONIDO.

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