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New single, Huayno Del Why Not? to be launched on 27 August at Foundry616

Huayno Del Why Not? is the third single of SONIDO’s new album, “global”, which will be launched on the 27th of August with a concert at the prestigious Sydney music venue Foundry616.

Huayno Del Why Not? will be available on all streaming platforms, including a new music video on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram from 9pm on 27 August.

The song was born out of the observation that the word “huayno” in the South American indigenous language Quechua, sounds a lot like a Spanish speaker saying "why not?" (even the inflections are similar). Huayno is the name of probably the most well recognised musical forms of Andean folk music.

The lyrics are anchored in this question, why not? In particular, they focus on the dispossession of first peoples around the world and how many countries (including Australia) have failed to move beyond mere recognition of indigenous peoples towards models of sovereignty and reparations (relevant to the descendants of slaves as well). Written during the global pandemic, the song reflects on how the greatest ever peacetime mobilisation of government resources proved that, with will and purpose, nothing is impossible - if we can shut down whole cities, pay people to stay home for their own and their community's safety, develop and distribute an effective vaccine in months, why can't we correct the wrongs of colonialism? For a tiny fraction of the cost and inconvenience we bore in the global pandemic, we could put things right with the original inhabitants of lands claimed by invaders in less enlightened times.

Musically the song draws on the centuries’ old tradition of the huayno, combining a layering of parts within a simple rhythmic 4/4 cushioning with the strong baroque influence in Andean music, the result of the mix of indigenous rhythms, sounds and instruments with the Spanish chamber music of the time of colonisation of South America (16th century). And so the introduction to the song is a form of baroque guitar piece which transitions into an intense zampoña (panpipes) melody that seeks to capture the raw energy of this style of Andean music.

To celebrate the launch, SONIDO will be performing a concert at Foundry616 and will be joined by Sydney Latin Music powerhouse Lautaro Veloso on piano. Tickets are available at

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