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Pre-save Huayno Del Why Not? on streaming services

Huayno Del Why Not?, the third single from our album global, is available to pre-save on your favourite streaming service.

Pre-save "Huayno Del Why Not?" on your favourite streaming service.

Huayno Del Why Not? is the third single of SONIDO’s new album, “global”, which will be launched on the 27th of August with a concert at the prestigious Sydney music venue Foundry616. The song will be available on all streaming platforms, including a new music video on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram from 9pm on 27 August.

The song was born out of the observation that the word “huayno” in the South American indigenous language Quechua, sounds a lot like a Spanish speaker saying "why not?" (even the inflections are similar). Huayno is the name of probably the most well recognised musical forms of Andean folk music.

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